What do you get when you take raw talent, extreme ambition and a pair of excellent scissors? You get Ashley Braid, owner & stylist of Shine Hair Lounge in Port Moody!

Recently, Ashley sat down to answer some questions on how she got on her road to success, where she sees herself in the future and what keeps her passion going!

If you have a dream, you’ll want to read to the end. Major ambition inspo’ is about to happen…

When did you know you wanted to be a hair stylist?

I’ve known I wanted to be a hairdresser since I was a little girl. I would go down to the local city salons to get my hair done & was always so inspired by the amazing stylists! I was, I think, 9 or 10 and a friend of mine and I decided we’d one day open a salon in my parents’ house.

I never stopped dreaming about opening my own salon from that point, but I perhaps changed my mind on having it in my parents’ place!

Hahaha, bet your parents thank you for that! What was your first salon gig?

I got my first job at a salon in Langley called Salon Montage and Day Lounge. I was actually working as a server at Browns after Hair School and this salon was in the same complex. I booked an appointment one day and went in, pretending like I knew nothing about hair, and I was so inspired by the stylist there!

I was incredibly nervous to drop off my resume, though. So I jumped on Craigslist to see what my backup options were first and right there was a job listing from Montage! It was basically fate. I was lucky enough to attend The Aveda Academy which was the best training you could imagine. On Robson and Bute and Fully booked all day. Welcome to the real world.. it was intense. But worth it! I stepped out of my comfort zone I was so scared and shy to even speak to people. But I didn’t have a choice but to get out on the floor and perform.

I made some really amazing friends there & learned so much. But I set a goal that within 5 years I’d own my own salon, and almost exactly 5 years later I opened Shine.

I made some really amazing friends there & learned so much. But I set a goal that within 5 years I’d own my own salon, and almost exactly 5 years later I opened Shine.

I mean, starting something from total scratch, from having no clientele to now where I’m fully booked keeps me pretty driven. I’ve proven to myself I can accomplish my goals, that it is possible to succeed when you put the work in. Now I want to inspire my Shine family. I want to be here for other stylists who have a vision and teach them they can have the life they want. I want Shine to be a space of total inspiration, for my stylists to dream big and dream often!

We can see how you’d be a point of inspiration for those around you! So, who inspires you?
Well, aside from the other stylists in my salon who inspire me daily … I’d have to say, my dad. He focused on what he was good at, making beautiful things, and opened his own jewellery store after years of being in the Jewellery business. Since I was a very young girl I would go to work with my dad, watching him. I worked for him for 6 years up until the year I opened my business. Watching him turn his passion into a career big time inspired me. That man is pretty special, and I’m pretty lucky to have him to look up to. Now we are side my side and I can always go to him to bounce ideas or get some advice.
Love it. This next one might be a toughie, but what’s your favourite thing to do with hair?
Oh, that is tough! I love everything… but I’d have to say a full-colour change or corrections. I like to be challenged .. To take someone’s hair and totally transform it… you get someone who comes in and are either bored or just unhappy with their hair. To be able to help them fall back in love with their hair… when you know you’ve impacted their lives in a healthy, happy way… it just feels really good. Watching someone leave your chair happy is the best feeling ever. I also love doing extensions. Women struggle with growing their hair or achieving that length they have always wanted. Giving them the feel and look they have always wanted can give them the confidence to feel great in their new looks.
So, what now? Where do you see Shine 5 years from now?

Right now I really just want Shine to be the best is can be. I’d love to see the salon always full and to offer more services. Eyebrow shaping, waxing, laser… I want it to be your one stop shop for all things hair!

Because, you know, your hair is such an important extension of who you are… but if you don’t feel good about your brows or anything else it can leave you less than happy. I want our clientele to always leave Shine embracing their unique beauty. To inspire others to love themselves and feel fierce about their hair in every way!

That’s rad! How about for yourself personally? Any 5-year goals?

Hmmm, that’s a good question. I’d like to focus on refining my teaching skills. I feel really good in my ability to do hair. I know how to create; I know how to handle hair. But I’d like to get better at teaching others so I can pass on what I know.

I’ll always do hair because I just love it so much. However, 5 years from now, I’d like to be teaching more and inspiring future generations of stylists to always stay curious and never stop dreaming! Following your heart is the most important lesson I think I could teach.  I want to be able to teach people things that nobody did and give them the confidence. We all started somewhere and I hope their success starts at Shine!

Book in with Ashley to experience her passion for hair, but make sure you do it early. This girl is in high demand, and it’s easy to tell why!

~ Stay shining!

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